R & D


Simulation and Training is one of TTC Technologies’ core business fields , with unique solutions to offer, we have taken a challenge to use complex technologies to satisfy the demanding requirement of simulation and Training systems.

Product Development


Based on state-of-the-art system engineering process TTC Technologies follow the following steps :
• System Requirement development
• System Architchture design
• Component design and Implementation
• Component integration and Testing
• System verification and Validation
Our comprehensive Design and implementation service include :
• Mechanical
• Optomechanical
• Electromechanical
• Embedded software
• PC based Software

System Integration


System Integration is one of TTC Technologies’ core services. our value added is to integrate diverse products and service into a system to full fill our customer needs.

Software Development


TTC Technologies Uses various platforms and languages for software solutions

Platfroms :
Windows , Linux , IT RTOS

Processors :
Intel based X86, ARM, TI DSP, XILINX FPGA

Languages :
C , C++ , C# , JAVA , VHDL

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